To create a solid local network of professionals to support and challenge each other in their professional growth and development. These professionals include both certified and/or degreed individuals that understand the inherent risks of working with hazardous materials and requirements of the public trust that they must keep.


To provide leadership in developing professional skills in the management of hazardous materials.
• To assist in the development of educational and competence certification programs for those professionals engaged in hazardous materials management.


1.To develop professional recognition for Certified Hazardous Materials Professionals.
2.To provide, promote, sponsor, and encourage continuing education for members and professionals about hazardous materials management and related environmental interests.
3.To broaden our understanding of prudent hazardous materials management in the interests of protecting the human health and environment.
4.To provide a forum for information exchange among our peers in order to promote qualified environmental decision making.
5.To transfer knowledge and experience about new hazardous waste technologies, government regulations, and community concerns to hazardous materials management personnel.

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Welcome to the National Capital Chapter of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (NCC-AHMP)

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