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Welcome to the National Capital Chapter of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (NCC-AHMP)

NCC-AHMP is a non-profit Virginia Corporation that is associated as a local chapter through a affiliation agreement with the national association devoted to the professional advancement of the hazardous materials management field.

The Geographic area for the chapter is identified as covering the Metropolitan Washington and Baltimore area of the country. The local region includes Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.

The Chapter was formed and incorporated in 1992 and chartered on October 24, 1994.

Welcome to the National Capital Chapter

of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals


Please join us for our next Technical Seminar on December 15th at 5:00 PM

Gene Sanders of WE Train will present on:

All About Lithium Battery Transportation - Why It Is Such A Big Deal, And Why It Is Such A Pain

Starting with the basics of Lithium Batteries, from their chemistries and their hazards, to the permutations of how to offer and ship them by different modes, to the testing regime they must pass, to the new summary document, and on to continuing developments in research, this presentation will cover just about everything that makes Lithium Battery transport complicated, and why the current regulatory situation is likely to keep on changing. It will help newbies understand why it is so complicated, and help experienced folk understand the recent changes, and help everyone have some idea of what the future may hold for Lithium Battery transport regulations. The talk will be supplemented by PowerPoint, and will be comprehensive, including some practical tips and suggestions, but in 60 minutes cannot and will not attempt to cover everything in the depth that a training course should.

Functions covered include: Classification, identification, packaging, marking and labeling, documentation, emergency response, training and instruction, and enforcement.

Click here to register This is a free event!


Professional Development Seminar (2/22/21) and EHMM Course 2/23/21 - 2/26/21)

Save the date or better yet, register for this year's Professional Development Seminar on February 22, 2021. 

It will be a 100% virtual PDS.  An optional 2 hour ethics track will also be offered. 

A virtual 4-day EHMM course will also be held 2/23 - 2/26/21 highlighted the updated EHMM program based on the new 4th Edition of the AHMP Desk Reference. 

Registration is currently open for the PDS and for the EHMM course.


Our 2020/2021 Board of Directors

President:          James Sines

Past President   Quinn Fowler

President-elect  Aaron Stern

Treasurer           Jennifer Poythress

Secretary           Jonathan Slaughter

Webmaster        Bruce Donato


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Welcome to the National Capital Chapter of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (NCC-AHMP)

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