2018 Mid-Atlantic AHMP Regional Professional Development Conference

October 5, 2018

Eisenhower Conference Center

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Abstracts and Speaker Bios

Key Note: 101 Places Hazardous Materials Managers Must Visit Before They Die – Rich Cartwright

AHMP President’s Address – Bruce Donato,

Is Sustainability Like Gourmet Food? - Donna Switzer

PFOS/PFOA, 1,4-Dioxane, Perchlorate, and Lead as Emerging Contaminants – Navigating a Dynamic Regulatory Environment - Michael Hansen

The OH&S Management Systems Game Changer: ISO 45001 - Erika Frank

Hazards Ignored: Non-ionizing Radiation - Paul Hausman

Chlorine Gas, Hazards, and Emergency Response and Preparedness - Mark Schaffer

Integrating Hazmat Into Your Lean Operating Model - David McLaughlin

Closing Remarks and Adjournment - Mark Bruce


Key Note: 101 Places Hazardous Materials Managers Must Visit Before They Die – Rich Cartwright, PE, CHMM, Universal Remediation, Inc.

Potentially harmful materials can be found everywhere. We are dependent on the unique beneficial chemical & physical properties of the materials, which we come in contact with every day. Properly managed, these beneficial materials help provide the quality of life our society has come to expect. Improperly managed, these materials can become toxic and thus extremely hazardous. A better understanding of hazardous materials will help all of us to avoid future environmental disasters.

The inability to properly limit public exposure to hazardous materials has resulted in highly publicized environmental disasters such as Love Canal, Times Beach, Three Mile Island, and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Excessive publicity of these disasters has resulted in a legacy of command-and-control environmental, health, and safety regulations. Our challenge is to learn from our history of hazardous materials disasters. Otherwise, we and our public-at-large stewardship are all condemned to repeat our collective history.



Rich Cartwright is an internationally-recognized motivational platform speaker on Hazardous Materials Management, Environmental Remediation, Professional Ethics, and Career Planning Strategies. Cartwright is an AHMP Past President, former National Board Member, and a “Pete Cook Founders Award” recipient for distinguished leadership, dedicated service, and lifetime professional achievement. He currently serves AHMP as a Goodwill Ambassador.

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AHMP President’s Address – Bruce Donato, CSP, CHMM, CECD, K&A First Aid and Safety Inc.

The Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals is on the move again. Find out the state of the Alliance from your president and provide feedback on where you would like to the Alliance go.


0811 bruce donato


Bruce Donato is a principal with K & A First Aid and Safety providing safety consulting and emergency preparedness services for many industries. He holds a BSE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and has over 35 years of industrial experience. He has worked in the federal government and for chemical, textile, and biotechnology companies including Dupont, Hoechst Celanese, and Life Technologies. Mr. Donato is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) Certified Ergonomics Compliance Director (CECD), Emergency Responder Instructor, and Instructor Trainer for the American Heart Association, and the American Safety Institute. He is also a Zenger-Miller Instructor and trained facilitator. In addition to his safety experience, Mr. Donato has held positions as a design engineer, plant supervisor, research engineer, distribution manager, laboratory supervisor and facilities manager.

Mr. Donato has also been awarded:

· The Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) Pete Cook Founders Award

· The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Award of Excellence

· The Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) – Hazardous Materials Manager of the Year

· The Academy of Hazardous Materials Managers (ACHMM – now AHMP) – Friend of the Academy

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Is Sustainability Like Gourmet Food? - Donna Switzer, CHMM, CPEA, Beyond Compliance Consulting


I heard a comedian say that calling something “sustainable” is like calling food “gourmet.” What exactly does sustainable mean, what’s

the big deal, and isn’t it expensive? Here are seven ideas to consider that can lead toward making your business more sustainable – having positive impacts on profit, people, and planet!

There are so many definitions for sustainability; and if you are focused on making a good product profitably how can you also focus on something like improving water resources in Africa? It may be true that your operations have no impact on water resources in Africa, but that doesn’t mean that your company can’t take steps toward being sustainable.

Choosing to use less resources or to generate less waste can have a significant effect on profit, people and planet. Creating a sustainability

program that is right for you and your customers does not have to be as onerous as preparing a gourmet meal. Take one step at a time and you will realize the business benefits.


Donna Switzer is the founder of Beyond Compliance LLC Consulting, an environmental, health, safety, and sustainability consulting firm in the Greater Philadelphia Area that partners with industry to solve regulatory compliance requirements. Donna is passionate about reducing risks associated with air emissions, wastewater discharges, waste management, and workplace safety. She has worked with a broad range of companies in chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and power sectors in developing, implementing, and evaluating key EHS and sustainability programs.

Before devoting her attention to Beyond Compliance, Donna spent 10 years working for a commercial waste management company in various customer service and compliance support roles, 5 years working in different manufacturing settings doing regulatory and EHS compliance work, and 15 years working in the compliance and assurance group for a leading international consultancy. In these roles, she worked collaboratively with all levels of an organization to implement management systems, develop written programs and plans, identify gaps in sustainability and compliance programs, and negotiate settlements with regulatory agencies.

Donna is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University. She is presently pursuing certification as a Certified Sustainability Practitioner through the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence program.

In addition to being a consultant, Donna is an adjunct professor in the College of Engineering at Villanova University, is an avid hockey player, and loves to ride motorcycles. Donna volunteers with the West Pikeland Township Emergency Operations Committee and for the Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports.

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PFOS/PFOA, 1,4-Dioxane, Perchlorate, and Lead as Emerging Contaminants – Navigating a Dynamic Regulatory Environment - Michael Hansen, BCES, CHMM, Geosyntec Consultants


Private sector and government facility operators with environmental compliance responsibility need to be aware of contaminants that are emerging in the public and regulatory sphere. Early investigations for these constituents show that they are present at sites that either were closed or are undergoing remedial action. These contaminants are persistent in today’s news headlines and on the regulatory radar. They are beginning to gain attention and scrutiny where there was none before. This presentation will provide an overview of the environmental occurrence, state of the regulatory environment, as well as remediation options and challenges of the following constituents:

·        • polyfluoroalkyl substances;

·        • 1, 4 – Dioxane;

·        • perchlorate; and

·        • lead.


Mr. Hansen is an senior environmental scientist with 14 years of experience in the support of domestic and international environmental remediation and geotechnical engineering projects. Mr. Hansen has also provided construction oversight in the support of environmental and civil engineering projects including the oversight of drilling using hollow stem auger, air rotary, direct push, and sonic techniques. Mr. Hansen has participated in a variety of domestic and international projects including the design and implementation of site characterization plans, remediation pilot tests, and remediation system construction and installation. Mr. Hansen has lead the design and execution of multiple remediation projects involving soil excavation. Mr. Hansen is experienced in conducting these activities in multiple media including soil, bedrock, groundwater, surface water, and sediment. He has been the site manager for large scale field projects lasting months and involving multiple staff and concurrent characterization activities. Mr. Hansen has also served as project and task manager for several projects. Mr. Hansen also serves as the Health and Safety coordinator for the Columbia, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offices of Geosyntec.

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 The OH&S Management Systems Game Changer:  ISO 45001

The long-awaited ISO 45001 standard was published in March 2018, replacing OHSAS 18001, and marking a new era for occupational health and safety management systems. As an international standard, ISO 45001 elevates the importance of OH&S on the corporate agenda, bringing benefits to organizations and workers all over the world. The format of the ISO 45001 standard enables companies to merge or mirror occupational health and safety with existing management systems for quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001) programs. Understand how this new OH&S standard can help your organization demonstrate its commitment to improving health and safety performance.


Ms. Frank is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and Associate Safety Professional with over fifteen years of EHS consulting and management experience in manufacturing, military, and private sectors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Erika Frank is the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Engineer for Amphenol FCI, where she is responsible for EHS compliance and ISO 14001/ISO 45001 management systems at AFCI’s electronic connector manufacturing plant in Etters, Pennsylvania.

Ms. Frank serves as the Secretary for the Pennsylvania Capital Area Chapter of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers.

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Hazards Ignored: Non-ionizing Radiation - Paul Hausman, Verizon Communications

"Well, either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge, or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated by the presence of non-ionizing radiation in your workplaces!"

– with apologies to Meredith Wilson and to anyone involved in any way with The Music Man.

Nonionizing electromagnetic radiation comes in many forms, from UV to RF to ELF. Some hazards are rare, some are common. Some are minor, some are serious. Yet many Hazmat Professionals don’t even know that there’s something they don’t know that they ought to know about non-ionizing radiation… or they limit their attention to one specific type of non-ionizing radiation, ignoring others. This session will run through the types of non-ionizing radiation that exist, the physical and health risks of each (known and suspected), and protective measures available. It will give you the tools to understand what it is that you ought to know and provide resources for further information.


Paul has over 30 years’ experience in environmental compliance management and environmental policy. He works in the Corporate EHS department of Verizon Communications where he has held responsibility for the Radio Frequency (RF) Safety Program of Verizon Wireless. He currently manages EHS regulatory change tracking, waste management risks mitigation and product stewardship compliance for the enterprise. His career has included consulting and training on environmental health and safety and regulatory compliance across a broad range of industries and businesses.  For 15 years he managed the training development function at Lion Technology Inc., a national EHS training company.

Paul holds a BS in Environmental Science from Wilkes University and an MS–Public Health in Environmental Management & Protection from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

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Chlorine Gas, Hazards, and Emergency Response and Preparedness - Mark Schaffer, CHMM, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Univar

Leaks in chlorine systems and containers rarely occur but when they do, prompt corrective action is required by trained, competent personnel using specialized equipment. This training is designed to provide an overview of the chemical and physical properties of elemental chlorine for hazard recognition. It will also provide an Emergency Preparedness overview which will cover employee training, emergency response planning and regulatory agency interaction. Emergency Response topics will include PPE requirements, response equipment and will address assistance provided by outside agencies like CHLOREP®, CHEMTREC® and CANUTEC. The bulk of the information contained herein is derived from the Chlorine Institute, founded in 1924, as a technical trade association to support the chlor-alkali industry in the safe production, handling, storage, distribution and use of elemental chlorine and other chlor-alkali products.


Mark J. Schaffer is currently a Black Belt Project Manager for Univar USA based out of the Middletown, Pennsylvania office. He is currently leading projects to improve the overall Customer Experience through improvements in Customer Service, Supply Chain, Logistics, Commercial Sales and On-Time Delivery. Mark has 15+ years’ experience in the chemical distribution business in the fields of Operations, Quality Control, Technical Sales, Lean Six Sigma, Billing and Customer Service. Mark also has 7+ years regulatory experience with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in Air Quality and Environmental Emergency Response. Mark graduated magna cum laude from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelors in Earth & Space Science.

Mark was awarded his Certified Hazardous Materials Manager credential in 2005 and joined the Pennsylvania Capital Area Chapter that same year. Mark was elected Chapter Treasurer in 2007 and served in this capacity through 2014. Mark has attended several community volunteer programs for Greening the Lower Susquehanna on behalf of the Pennsylvania Capital Area Chapter. Mark is also a veteran of the United States Navy where he served out of Norfolk, Virginia from 1987 to 1990.

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Integrating Hazmat Into Your Lean Operating Model - David McLaughlin, CSP, Waste Strategies

In today’s globally competitive marketplace companies and organizations alike are under increasing pressure to enhance production efficiencies, reduce costs, and maintain compliance with a broad spectrum of internal and extremal requirements. To accomplish this many have turned to adopting and implementing some form of lean enterprise initiatives. Though not intentional, elements of the overall business management system related to environmental, health and safety sometimes seem to drag behind the others - mainly quality, delivery and cost. When this happens, the organization may find itself struggling to fit those critical EH&S activities and processes into its operating model which creates confusion, animosity and increased overall risk. Critical components of the EH&S system such as hazardous materials management play an important role in the day to day operations of any organization and should be an integral part of any lean enterprise deployment. This discussion will focus on the importance of having EH&S professionals take part in the steering and development of such programs, identifying and tracking the right leading indicators, establishing standardized work to ensure safe quality flow of materials, and the importance of highly effective problem solving.


David is a Certified Safety Professional and EH&S Management Systems Specialist with over twenty years of progressive leadership experience in industries such as primary metals manufacturing, fabrication, automotive, consumer electronics, secondary commodities recycling, construction and consulting. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA from Point Park University.

Prior to joining WasteStrategies, David spent four years as the EH&S Manager for Latrobe Specialty Metals, and seven years as EH&S Manager and QMS Coordinator for Bose Corporation’s Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Columbia, South Carolina where he developed world-class programs using lean enterprise tools to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

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Closing Remarks and Adjournment - Mark Bruce, CHMM, AHMP Treasurer

Final thank you and the AHMP financial vision for the future will be presented by the AHMP Treasurer. Closing will include final grand prize drawing.

mark bruce

Mark Bruce has been in the emergency and disaster response, remediation, and hazardous waste management industry for over 30 years. He has a B.S. in Business, Management, and Economics with a concentration in Emergency Management from the State University of New York (SUNY). Mr. Bruce is the Owner and Managing Member of Bruce Environmental & Response Management, LLC based in Elizabethtown, PA.

Mark has been a CHMM since 2002 and is the President of the Pennsylvania Capital Area Chapter of the AHMP. He is also a member of the Philadelphia, Cyber, and New England Chapters of the AHMP. Along with Chapter responsibilities, Mr. Bruce is also on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer of the AHMP. Mark is very active with volunteer work in his community through his church and the Elizabethtown Rotary Club. Along with his AHMP work, Mark has also joined the ASSP to actively pursue relationships through networking. Mr. Bruce is excited to be participating in the AHMP for positive change and growth, as well as recruiting and promoting the certification to the younger generations of future environmental and hazmat professionals.

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