Month Day Title Speaker Organization(s)
  13 Zika Science and Practical Prevention Bruce Donato ASSE-NOVA
  13 Capturing the Dynamics of Life Using Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy John Heddleston ChABSA
  14 Advanced Technology in Head Protection in Construction Seth Randall WMACSA
  21 Tour of Nationals Stadium   AHMP - NCC
  27 Tour of the National Zoo   ASSE-National Capital
  29 Caring for the LGBT Client Joshua Riley MWAOHN
  4 Environmental Permitting of Nationals Park   AHMP - NCC
  12 Case Mgmt. & its Implications on the New OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements   WMACSA
  12 ATTSA Flagger Training   WMACSA
  18 Silica Standard   Potomac AIHA
  20 Electrical Safety Jerry Rivera ASSE-NOVA
  25 Tour of District Wharf Construction Site   ASSE-National Capital
  8 Fall Professional Development Seminar Smithsonian Potomac AIHA
  9 Panel Discussion - Importance of Knowing your Surroundings   WMACSA
  10 Synthetic Bio   ChABSA
  17 OSHA Inspections Roundtable   ASSE-NOVA
  29 Legal Issues for the Safety Professionals Brad Hammock ASSE-National Capital
  2 NJ AIHA PDS (Webinar offered Locally   Potomac AIHA
  6 Winter Workshops - MedImmune Gaithersburg   ChABSA
  13 Regulatory Update/Toys for Tots/Social   Potomac AIHA
  14 Toys for Tots/Town Hall Meeting and Member Recognition   WMACSA
  15 Holiday Social   ASSE-NOVA
  29 Holiday Social   ASSE-National Capital
  11 Leadership Skills - How to conduct an effective meeting. WMACSA Board WMACSA
  12 Smithsonian Tour   Potomac AIHA
  18 Outbreak Investigations   ChABSA
  19 Safety Management Systems   ASSE-NOVA
  22-25 50th Midyear Meeting   HPS-BW
  31     ASSE-National Capital
  8 GHS & Practical Applications for Common Worksite Chemicals Bruce Donato WMACSA
  16 Workplace Violence   ASSE-NOVA
  27 Professional Development Seminar   Potomac AIHA
  28-3/3 Essentials of Hazardous Materials Professionals   AHMP - NCC
  28     ASSE-National Capital
  8 New Equipment/tools and complying with the Silca Standard   WMACSA
  8 GHS Train the Trainer and Update Bruce Donato WMACSA
  14 AAALAS  Larry Shelton ChABSA
  16 Industrial Hygiene   ASSE-NOVA
    OSHA Update   ASSE-National Capital
  28     ASSE-National Capital
  3 Mixed Waster/Medical Waste - Which Takes Precedence Andrea Schuessler AHMP - NCC
  13 Emergency Response/Security Preparedness for Job Sites Paul Sullivan WMACSA
  20 BBQ - New Technologies in Safety   ASSE-NOVA
  25 Mid Atlantic Construction Safety Conference   MACSC
  25 3-D Printing   Potomac AIHA
  28     ASSE-National Capital
  16 Biological Counter Terrorism (biosecurity) Ed You ChABSA
  16 Brewery Tour   Potomac AIHA
  18 VOSH Update/Vendor Mixer Jennifer Rose ASSE-NOVA
  23 Phase I ESA vs. NEPA EA - What's the Difference Quinn Fowler AHMP - NCC
  30     ASSE-National Capital
  13 Officer Installation and Awards   Potomac AIHA
  13 Pre-Symposium Workshops   ChABSA
  14 Juristictional Differences Mike McCaffrey WMACSA
  14 Annual Scientific Symposium   ChABSA
  15 Awards & Honors Social   ASSE-NOVA
  27 Officer Installation and Awards   ASSE-National Capital
July/August   CIH Preparatory Class   Potomac AIHA

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